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"Unlock Your Full Potential - Transform Your Social Infrastructure with N3 Global Solutions, LLC!"

The esteemed Honorable Ambassador Norman F. Barnes is a distinguished individual who has served in various capacities throughout his illustrious career. As the Founder, President, and CEO of N3 Global Solutions, LLC, he has demonstrated his expertise in managing complex operations and his extensive experience in coordinating high-profile national events, dignitary diplomatic protective services, threat and vulnerability assessments, and the coordination of multi-jurisdictional responses to weapons of mass destruction incidents is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills.


As an international political analysis and law enforcement advisor, consultant, and instructor in the Western Asia and Northern Africa region, Mr. Barnes has played a vital role in shaping the political landscape of these regions. He has also been a professional assessor for Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia law enforcement assessment centers.


Mr. Barnes founded N3 Global Solutions, LLC in 2010, focusing on providing social infrastructure solutions for developing countries. His passion for this cause was ignited during his travels as a member of the United States (Gold Medal) basketball team and Brazilian FIBA basketball Club team, where he witnessed the lack of basic resources available to many underserved communities worldwide. The company has since been dedicated to developing human capital and sustainable infrastructure solutions for under-resourced communities worldwide.


Mr. Barnes' education comprises Western Texas College, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Southern Mississippi, and the AT&T School of Business. He has co-authored an article entitled "George Mason University Team Approach to Studying and Improving Campus Security," published in the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) 2004 May/June edition of the Campus Law Enforcement Journal.


Mr. Barnes's specialties include infrastructure security, strategic planning for high-profile events, emergency preparedness, law enforcement operations, global security, geopolitical intelligence, non-confrontational protection and training, and diplomatic affairs. His intensive background in strategic planning, law enforcement assessments, and infrastructure development and protection is a testament to his exceptional skills and expertise.​

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