Clean Water ​


Both communities and individual families must have access to clean water. Water services can be made available anywhere there is a proven source of water with mobile water pumping and purification systems.  These can be in place were communities are expanding or deployed immediately where needed and they can be moved as requirements change.  Solar and wind powered water purification, desalination, and irrigation equipment provides water resources for sustainable development or initial recovery. Purification rates range from 2,400 to over 40,000 gallons daily. ​​New filtering technologies make water available for individuals and families. A five (5) gallon “Jerry Can” can provide up 15,000 liters of clean water before a filter change is necessary. Providing the right tools creates a coordinated program for clean water access for those most in need in remote villages – or in disaster relief efforts. Our water management program is designed for learners to receive water related education in science, sustainability, water conservation, sanitation and hygiene that develops positive changes in water conservation behaviour.