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A Model City Using Renewable Energy

By Michael Lee, N3 Consultant


Renewable energy is the power of the future.  Power from the sun, wind and other natural and renewable sources will be where we create the energy necessary to power our everyday lives.


There are several examples of systems that have been tested and are being deployed in cities around the world. From solar or wind farms pouring power into the grid all throughout the United States. Today it is augmenting the existing power infrastructure, and will gradually show the way to a self-sustaining power generation capability.  Solar and Wind based power is used to pump water and to power water purification systems in areas to provide permanent  fresh water, or for irrigation where disasters have destroyed the local infrastructure.  Solar powered street lights are lighting streets in several cities in Africa and Asia.


A great deal of creativity is being displayed in various locations around the world. The next step will be to make renewable energy a primary concentration, bring  the systems together as a model for the rest of the world to follow.   The city would be something like this:


As you fly into the city it is hard to miss the solar farms.  They fill large expanses of land near the city and it is obvious that the existing power grid is facilitating the distribution of the power into the most populated areas.  At the airport, the solar powered surveillance and security system around the perimeter is a bit daunting, and the lighting that too is powered by solar is hard to miss.   All seems normal inside the terminal but it is obvious that all the lighting has been a focus…many LEDs and some low power, very attractive lighting assemblies.  Heading to the parking garage you notice the solar charging stations for electric cars and you are a little surprised to find  that is what you are going to be renting.  Driving out of the airport, all traffic signals and intersections have solar power systems as primary or backup power and you can see the cell towers off in the distance being powered by solar and small wind generators as well.  The one thing you notice that is different from everywhere else you have been – it's quiet.































This city does not exist yet.  We all know it is coming. These are not systems out of a science fiction magazine.  They exist and are deployed in various places around the world.  Our goal is to help bring them together into a single location that can serve as a demonstration or model city for the rest of the world.   All primary services are powered by solar and wind.  They will include:



  • All wireless communications – cell, WiFi, WiMAX and sat comms, and backhauls,

  • All water purification, desalination and pumping for distribution,

  • All lighting for streets and common areas,

  • All intelligent traffic signals and monitoring

  • All surveillance/monitoring, security, access control to government and municipal properties,

  • All meter reading and smart grid applications for power management and monitoring,

  • All vehicle battery charging stations, fast charge facilities,

  • All home powering systems that augment existing power and feed the grid.

  • All internet access in schools, business and government buildings and "netbook" powering for students, and remote applications


To bring these types of services together takes a great deal of planning and will create many jobs.  This is not just a model to show how power can be created and used.  This is promoting a new way of life. It is a new way of thinking.  It is based on being efficient with our power consumption and continually looking for the products that support that type of environment. 


The Plan – It is about creating jobs


Each of the systems referenced in this document is available from suppliers around the world.  The plan for the modern city is one of integration.  All systems can be monitored or managed, either for power generation or power consumption, or from an application standpoint - is the system on or off, or how much is flowing?  All the systems must be assembled.  All will be shipped in and assembled locally.  The assembly shops will be manned by locals who have been or will be trained to assemble these types of systems.  All equipment for the locally designed solar farms will be shipped in and will be installed by our own local installation teams. Monitoring systems on the farms will be designed and fabricated locally, then installed by our own installers.   Smart Grid compliant meters and required wireless infrastructure will be assembled locally, installed, manned and managed by local energy professionals.


N3 Global Solutions is simply the catalyst to bring disparate systems together into an integrated, environmentally friendly, self sustaining environment.  That environment can create hundreds of jobs for locals and show the world that renewable energy can not only supply the power for the critical applications of a city, but has the power to create jobs and new businesses all over the world.  This is only the start.  Once people understand how to use renewable power efficiently and harness power consumption, they will be building even more creative systems that continue this movement. Then it will be our job once again to bring that to the rest of the world.


Other examples:


Small, portable water

Street Light   

Solar on the roof of commercial building

purification system

Solar installed on parking area

Solar farm from the air     

Airport Surveillance


These are small and simple solutions.  Each creates multiple jobs.



N3 Global Solutions, LLC designs power systems using renewable energy for mission critical applications in areas where power is difficult to provide, un-reliable or inaccessible. 





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