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Difficult times humanity have been lived in the period of a year that is completed. Since January 2020, the world has been moving slowly, step by step, like never before imagined. The invisible surprised and paralyzed everyone in an overwhelming way. In the midst of chaos and disorder on the globe, good news of encouragement arrives with the achievements of science. In this scenario of little certainty and much hope, global agendas for the millennium, social pacts and multilateral agreements signed are suspended. Equally, the goals for the 21st century momentarily. The so celebrated globalization achieved in the past has become a patchwork that requires urgent repairs, as some points are worn out. The Planet has been asking for help for such long time and communities continue to be discouraged, suffering, ignored. The invisible invader brought the global world to its knees in perplexity paralysis before its devastating force that spread across the planet at the same speed as the technologies conquered. Global fissures and local social ills have been exposed, in some societies less, in others much more. Differences and similarities between people have never been revealed so harshly. COVID 19 brought about changings. After all, why has humanity become so vulnerable? The difficult answer seems to be right in front of the eyes, but yet there is still a veil of human vanity that covers it. The apocalypse so feared in the last century, is somehow fulfilled in this one, since it directly affected people, economies, plans, positive agendas, business, invaded borders and flooded all spaces with fear. In the last few months, large sums of money have been allocated to scientific research, which has brilliantly and ceaselessly managed to achieve a feat to bring encouragement to mankind, and it has done so in a short space of time not previously experienced. At this moment, countries are organizing themselves and many are already immunizing their populations with the vaccine of hope. Yes, vaccine of hope !!! The hope of everyone to resume their lives, not in the way they used to before, but the resumption of social life in a new format; with new behaviors, with new plans, the reactivation of business and work now to new standards, the slow and necessary leveraging of economies then weakened. Faced with a new world scenario, reflections of all kinds are required, whether philosophical, economic, religious, medical, scientific, technical, esoteric and many more. In the midst of this “new world”, how to ensure development without exposing people to risks? How to ensure the pace of everyday life when the world is still blindfolded? Difficult task that challenges the management capacity of those who govern and command the direction of the cities where people live. How to overcome this wave of uncertainties, weaknesses and promote sustainable development? Perhaps, the answers do not come so easily or at least are not found in the management models used so far. The new reality that is posed on the streets, in the houses, in schools, in public spaces, in cities arrived without an instruction manual and requires sensitivity, positive leadership, human and technical skills to deal with what was most exposed after the great crisis of COVID 19, the diseased social fabric, whose core is the Human Being. Welcoming, healing, motivating and guiding the Being in a context of such complexity is a herculean and exhausting task that requires more than strategic planning. It is a mission in which municipal governments and managers will rely on highly qualified technical teams with a high degree of commitment to the Other, who in this case is their Similar. The Similar who, like technicians and government officials, experienced the greatest social drama of the last decades, whose consequences in the lives of thousands will endure for many, many years. There have been millions and continue to be thousands of lives taken, millions of personal dramas suffered at different levels capable of destabilizing even the most emotionally, physically and technically balanced. This new world status obliges this year and in the coming years, the revision of social agendas that were previously global. These should be adapted to micro-regional communities, and in some cases strictly local. This is because at that moment there is no social support to think about the objectives for the millennium on a large scale, when the Human Being regardless of his social class, greatness of economy, level of education, etc., is devastated inside. Urban management must find ways and means of reinventing itself to cope with promoting its people based on investment in the citizen as a being in order to foster a society based on new levels of social coexistence. This new 21st century society that resumes its journey after the great global trauma requires new management tools that contemplate the awakening of collective citizen consciousness, whose individual behavior resonates in the Other. Education at all levels must be revised to include revised concepts capable of stimulating the feeling of empathy, especially in the most violent societies, awakening the awareness of the duty of each one for the well-being of their fellow man. The biblical expression “Love one another as I loved you”, sounds like a legitimate duty and right in this new journey of humanity in which respect for you and others, values so shared during the pandemic, must continue to feed the all, starting with the Public Power with the support that Everyone is equal in origin as human beings, regardless of creeds, color, nationalities or social class. The formula for the salvation of man in society is reflected in the mirror that governments will reflect for their people and how much they will repeat in their actions and sustainable development programs the values inserted in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of 1,789, so current for the moment. Regardless of the chosen public management model, it should include some verbs in the new social discourse for the continued promotion of collective citizenship based on the individual look of Being in the construction of more humanized free societies. In these new societies that emerge postpandemic, the rights of equals cannot exclude those of the unequal in the exact measure of their inequalities, respecting the differences to foster solidarity, union and individual freedoms that echo and resonate through the collective citizen consciousness. The new time in the world requires the conjugation of the verb to be in the first person of plural in the construction of new roads and bridges to be built to ensure a better future for everyone on the planet.


ILIANE MARIA COURA. From Curitiba (Brazil). Lawyer. Professor. Lecturer. Writer and Poet. Master in Local Public Direction and Management by Carlos III University of Ma Postgraduate in Business Law, Bachelor of Laws and Degree in Letters by Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná and in Public Management of Sustainable Projects by Fundación SOL Ciudad 2000 Córdoba (Argentina). An enthusiastic about social actions to promote the awakening of collective citizen awareness for a more humanized and caring world.

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