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Protecting the Social Infrastructure

 Prepared by Mr. Cyrus  S.


Physical, cyber and personnel security generally remain separate in many organizations. Our holistic security methodology enables you to get a better understanding of overall organizational security risks by applying converged governance with risk management across all assets.


Our company core business shaped by concierge and digital protective services, threat and vulnerability assessments. 


In combination with our program and risk management expertise, our approach ensures better protection for assets, staff and information; your critical business enablers.


Our services incorporate all aspects from master planning and concept design, to security strategies, a full design capability and implementation support and assurance. Regardless of the project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end solution that is innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies. Our intuitive approach ensures that our security consultants are a natural choice to help clients plan, design and enable a safe and secure environment for their business today, tomorrow and into the future


We help our clients to implement appropriate and cost-effective controls to protect their information assets against perceived threats, and provide evidence that they are operating as expected. We help organizations ensure that the appropriate technical, physical and procedural controls are built into their integrated security system solution lifecycle and are effective across the range of services offer. Our approach to all aspect security objective assurance is based on your individual requirements for risk mitigation.


Our approach security assurance services deliver targeted benefits including:


  • Confidence that your risk mitigation activity underpins and reinforces the value in your risk mitigation strategy

  • Evidence of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and management confidence in your organisational information risk mitigation activities

  • Greater confidence and trust amongst your business partners, suppliers and customers

  • A framework which sets the standard for your supply chain and others


We work with our clients to establish assurance frameworks that are cost effective, appropriate and scalable. Our risk based methodology enables us to establish assurance requirements for technical cyber and information controls, related processes and for the people that operate and manage them. This approach helps to ensure that our clients have confidence that their systems will operate how they are supposed to, when they are supposed to and are under the control of legitimate users.


We will develop the most appropriate assurance activities to meet the given requirements, help to implement them and put in place a plan for continuous review and improvement.


Our engineering and consulting security team works with clients to understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by every project. Our company provides approachable, responsive and consultative team members who are continuously leveraging innovative tools, technology and best practices for your project’s benefit.


Program Approach


Security Concepts and Operational Subjects to reduce problems of crime or violence in schools the opportunities for security infractions should be eliminated or made more difficult to accomplish the likelihood of being caught must be greatly increased, and consequences must be established and enforced. It is a social and political issue and needs to be addressed head on by school boards and communities across the country. Simply providing more adults, especially parents, in schools will reduce the opportunities for security infractions and increase the likelihood of being caught. However, adding dedicated professional security staff to perform very routine security functions has many limitations:

  • Locating qualified people may be difficult.

  • Humans do not do mundane tasks well.

  • Manpower costs are always increasing.

  • Turnover of security personnel can be detrimental to a security program.  


As in other security environments, more repetitious tasks become boring. Hence, the possible role of security technologies expands. Through technology, a school can introduce ways to collect information or enforce procedures and rules that it would not be able to afford or rely on security personnel to do.


Physical and Information security describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources, and to protect personnel and property from damage or destruction. Physical and Information security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include:

  • Perimeter Security Line

  • Access Entry Control System

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • Closed Circuit Television

  • Information Data Security

  • Intercom System

  • Gate System

  • Cyber Security System

  • Mass Modification

  • Emergency Management System


Our security designers’ analysis and design a unique integrated security system solution to balance security controls against risks, taking into account the costs of specifying, developing, testing, implementing, using, managing, monitoring and maintaining the controls, along with facilities issues, risk, and threats.


Security Infrastructure Management  

We offer expertise, design and management of client-owned security infrastructure on a program scale, with proactive management platforms and capabilities to ensure the protection of client critical enterprise assets and infrastructure. Our infrastructure Management Services support client security deployments from a wide variety of vendors. We will perform full massive security analysis based on management of client security environment, depending on facilities requirements. Our superior leverages to diagnose of potential security risk, threats and issues before they can impact operational performance. A survey on organizational structure of client properties, perimeter, building facilities addresses size, scope, and structure of security system design solution. Our security elite trained team works with client to understand facilities security requirements and optimize environment using best-practice processes and pre-defined policies for more accurate management of security services.


A superior integration security system solution of audit logs with existing compliance standards and guidance tools help meet compliance requirements; structure discovery and engineering tools help optimize maintenance; and security modeling tools help further reduce risk, threats and crime by sculpting design implementation changes before they are made.


  • Security Organizational Structure

Where should the security function report? This is a frequent point of discussion in the security community. However, this implies that everybody has the same understanding of what a ‘security function’ should be doing, and also that an ‘ideal’ reporting structure exists. The dialogue tends to go off on tangents, as the security function’s mandate varies greatly by client sector and end user, and even between business units within the same client. There is a difference between security functions with a governance focus, setting policies and managing compliance, and security functions with an operational focus, managing security services. We provide the following Security Organizational Structure module and will familiarize our client with the following objectives:


Security planning

  • Responsibilities of the chief information security officer

  • Security organizational structure - reporting structure

  • that is the most effectively security structure within an organization

  • Security organization best practices

  • Personnel security

  • Security awareness, training and education

  • Security Structure Management


Our established security management structure enables our client to manage and respond to security challenges. We are committed to a proactive program using the best protection measures available to keep everyone and everything safe and secure.


Our security team enables the client’s success through development and implementation of security practices that create a secure working environment. In developing the security function is particularly important to protect assets and client interests. Reflecting our vision to be the industrial’s major security provider, our security team is committed to best practice approaches engineer highly trained professionals, recognized global standards, and appropriate technologies that meet the client’s needs.


The following strategy proposal will be formulated for client and End-Users:


  • Security Governance.

  • Security Policies, Procedures, Standards, Guidelines, and Baselines.

  • Security Planning.

  • Security Organization.

  • Personnel Security.

  • Security Audit and Control.

  • Security Awareness, Training and Education.

  • Risk Assessment and Management.



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