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N3 Global Sustainability Education Series


Welcome to Our Green Education Online Series


Our Sustainability Education Series is an introductory e-learning series of sustainability subjects that include 50 interactive modules covering 11 sustainability courses. These courses are designed for adults in business or in government who know little to nothing about sustainability planning procedures.  Each of the modules are approximately 15 minutes in length.



Green Education On Line offers educational components with core competency testing that guide users to:



  • Define sustainability principles.

  • Promote green purchasing principles / supply chain engagement

  • How to design an internal energy plan.

  • Provide a guide for social responsibility implementation.

  • Provide an overview of green building concepts.

  • Show the importance of  green fleet management.

  • Show the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Define green design perspectives.

  • Explain Waste Management  and Water Resource Concepts

  • Provide environmental and carbon accountability


The courses are of the highest quality in design and include narration, graphics, and superior tests for core competency knowledge training. Our courses also satisfy the LEED 3.0 and 4.0 components for internal training for employees of employers/occupants who are seeking gaining additional points on projects looking at certification. 


Our content development team is an IACET Authorized Provider, and in obtaining this accreditation, they have demonstrated compliance with the ANSI/IACET Standard which is recognized internationally as a standard of good practice. 


Why Green Education Online  ?
There is still such a lack of suitable e-learning education tools to move boardrooms forward with sustainability and this information needs to be embedded into corporate and government training strategies. We need affiliates and employees in government and NGO’s to be part of the equation. 

Offering education on line is cost efficient and offers 24/7 access on topics such as social responsibility, planning for sustainability, understanding waste management, water conservation, recycling and other topics we feel many have interest in but few resources for an effective on line learning platform for guidance and implementation.


The disconnect is that we can do all of the webinars and conferences we want geared towards the Environmental Chiefs, Chain Managers, CFO, and/or CEO’s, but if we do not add the take away of online education on sustainability throughout the employee pool, the employees will not know where to start. They need to know HOW to do carbon accounting, design sustainability plans, manage waste, conserve water, and what an energy plan is in order to design one, what and how to recycle, and to be held accountable for these programs. Our online programs cure the disconnect.
We administer all courses and upload the students into our LMS.  Our sustainability education on line focuses on topics such as how to design energy plans, green building systems and materials, social responsibility and learning to become more energy efficiency, understand waste management and water conservation.



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