Green Certifications and Standards Course

Green Certifications and Standards Course

– Green Certifications and Standards -

The growing green certifications, labels, and standards can be confusing and overwhelming. A green certification is supposed to be an indication that green principles are practiced and that dynamic, ongoing sustainability practices are in place. The modules in the Green Certifications, Labels, and Standards series review techniques for determining legitimacy, credibility, and performance. Industry certifications in building, consumer products, environmental landscaping, fleet management, and lodging/tourism are just some of the areas that are covered within these modules. At the conclusion of this series and successful completion of the post-module tests, the student will be able to:

• Identify LEED® green building certification levels and common green building standards.
• Identify common energy standards organizations and why energy efficiency audits and certifications are important.
• Identify the benefits and lessons learned from Certification and Energy Standard case studies.
• Describe the economic benefits of green building that meets LEED® Gold certification.

Module Titles:
 Green Certifications and Standards
 Energy Ratings and Audits Defined
 Certifications and Energy Standards Case Studies
 Green Building – Adding to the Bottom Line
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