Renewable Energy Course

Renewable Energy Course

Renewable Energy - 
Incorporating the use of renewable energy in sustainability planning initiatives is a crucial element in lowing long-term operations and management costs. It enables an understanding for all departments in recognizing what renewable resources can be utilized in their daily business practices. Energy planning, as well as learning steps in identifying how these natural resources can be used in each type of organization, and will create a culture of environmental and social responsibility. These are all key components to saving energy and money while preserving computer installations, HVAC, and other communication systems for longevity. At the conclusion of this series and successful completion of the post-module tests, the student will be able to:

• Discuss the advantages of renewable energy.
• Identify renewable energy sources available and government initiatives to expand the use of renewable energy.
• Define waste-to-energy concepts.
• State the advantages of converting waste-to-energy.

Module Titles:
 Introduction Renewable Energy to Government and Business
 Identifying Local Renewable Resources
 Waste to Energy Saves Money!
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