Water Resources and Conservation Course

Water Resources and Conservation Course

Water Resources and Conservation - 

This series promotes water resources and conservation as a top priority and highlights the need to reduce water use, comply with regulations, save money, and link water conservation to saving on the bottom line. The modules in the Water Resources and Conservation series provides instruction on how to implement proper landscaping techniques as well as a water conservation plan that includes increasing the reuse of reclaimed water, using rainwater catchment systems and water-efficient fixtures, and reducing water leakage that results in water loss by enhancing inner-organizational education programs. At the conclusion of this series and successful completion of the post-module tests, the student will be able to:

• Discuss the environmental and fiscal benefits of efficient water use, using new technologies.
• Describe the lessons learned about water conservation from the healthcare industry.
• Explain the various water filtration, purification, and storage methods available to facilities.
• Describe how storm water pollution occurs, and how it can be prevented.

Module Titles:
 Efficient Use of Your Water Resources
 Learn About Water Conservation from the Health Care Industry
 Water Filtering Options and Storage
 Preventing Storm Water Pollution
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