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N3 Global Security Group


N3 Global Security Group is our risk consultative and risk averting practice. Its mission is to provide personalized, client specific and confidential security solutions to members of the N3 Global Solutions Family.


Working with selected partners and organic assets, we aim to deliver services that mitigate risk and maximize the security and privacy of our clients.


Our focus is on assuring that we work step by step with a client in order to identify and meet any security concerns, whether personal or corporate.


Our network of security professionals offer unmatched experience made up of former military and law enforcement personnel from the United States and Europe.


The summary of their experience includes peacekeeping experience around the globe, security and close protection work for government officials, international companies and high security facilities both in and out of conflict zones.


We are dedicated to knowing on a personal basis exactly what a client needs and what concerns can be alleviated by our services. The safety and peace of mind of our clients is our founding mission statement.








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