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Section 1 
Sustainability Planning
5 Modules


The Sustainability Planning series provides detailed guidelines to address how to develop, and then implement, a sustainability plan. While each sustainability plan is developed within the context of the organization’s culture, there are specific steps that will make the plan more effective and successful. This training presents the process and framework for developing a sustainability plan based upon an analysis of an organization’s needs, priorities, and resources. Methods for identifying the appropriate metrics and monitoring systems for a sustainability plan are also outlined. At the conclusion of this series and successful completion of the post-module tests, the student will be able to:


  • Discuss the technological advances affecting sustainability and the efforts required to promote sustainability.

  • Identify sustainability planning actions and the connection between sustainability and economics.

  • Discuss the benefits of recycling and the steps required to implement a waste management plan.

  • Describe the process of developing and implementing an energy plan.


Module Titles:

  • Sustainability Has a History

  • Planning Policies for Government and Business

  • Introduction to Action Initiatives

  • Waste Streams for Consideration

  • The Plan: Design and Implementation
       Cost : 100.00 USD



Section 2
Social Responsibility
4 Modules


The modules in this series focus on creating awareness and advancing knowledge on issues regarding ethics and social responsibility. This training introduces a broad range of social responsibility factors that are tied to sustainability and environmental concerns. Environmental issues are tied to the organizational culture and managing risk through an authentic approach to developing and implementing sustainability across all departments, suppliers, and subcontractors. At the conclusion of this series and successful completion of the post-module tests, the student will be able to:


  • Define social responsibility and its benefits to those companies who practice social responsibility.

  • Describe transparency as it pertains to the development and implementation of sustainability plans.

  • Identify the different types of renewal energies.

  • Identify steps, which aid in the development of green policies.


Module Titles:

  • Definition and Benefits

  • Guidelines for Transparency for Your Stakeholders

  • Basic Training of Renewable Energy

  • Leadership and Administration



    Cost : $ 100.00 USD